Credit Indemnity & Financial Services

Credit Indemnity & Financial Services

“Moving to CIFS was one of the best business decisions we have made in the past decade.”
John Knibbs, Brass
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Who is CIFS?

Credit Indemnity & Financial Services (CIFS) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of trade credit insurance and related credit management services.

CIFS policies provide companies with comprehensive protection from the risk of bad debts – default – and customers’ business failure.

Underwritten 100% in the Lloyd’s market, CIFS’ credit insurance is supported by market-leading debt collection and credit information services.

These achievements and CIFS’ highly successful market approach have been recently recognised with the accolade of Credit Insurer of the Year at the 2013 Institute of Credit Management Awards.

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In an uncertain economic environment, there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to credit management. That’s why there’s no substitute for First Limit and Integrated Collections – market-leading solutions from CIFS.

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Latest news

Integrated Collections: The Proof It’s Working in 2014

Integrated Collections: The Proof
It’s Working in 2014

A major review of CIFS Integrated Collections policy shows that since its introduction in 2011, the value of policyholders' debts recovered by CIFS' collections partner, STA International, has risen to no less than 68 per cent of the amount placed.

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Key Sectors

Featured industry

CIFS has in-depth expertise in all key sectors of the UK economy including construction, media, food and retailing.

A particular area of detailed understanding of market dynamics and trading conditions is timber, where CIFS’ collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation has contributed to it becoming the sector’s “go-to” credit insurer.

Here’s what one major timber business thinks about the CIFS service.